Brian has worked with many top athletes and prepared several high profile actors for film roles. They include names like Mila Kunis (Friends With Benefits), Gerard Butler (300), Brad Pitt, and Jeff Goldblum among others. He has worked as a consultant for EA Sports, Under Armour, and other commercial and film productions.

Brian is a movement and human performance specialist. He works under a training system, that he developed, called P.A.S.E. (power, agility, strength, endurance). “It is a system that makes every individual an athlete, and every athlete a better athlete.”

Kristin Anderson is a Pilates instructor and the creator and founder of My Daily Trainer. She has been featured in People, ESPNU, Fox, Health Key, MomTV, and Modern Mom as a regular contributor and many other shows and publications.

Kristin specializes in total wellness and longevity. She has worked with many athletes and, actors alike to specifically help them develop a long term approach to health and career longevity.

Together, Brian and Kristin have brought the world of wellness and performance together to create a system for total health that lasts a lifetime. They are constantly furthering their education. It is their philosophy that we should never stop searching for knowledge and continually educate ourselves. Delivering the most complete package and high level experience possible.