In life strength is essential, optimal movement necessary, pain is not an option, athletic development should always be a goal. Our focus is eliminating pain, optimizing movement, creating power, agility, strength, and endurance.


The first thing that we do before any training program begins is take the client through a Functional Movement Screen, which is a series of functional movements designed to screen for compensations and imbalances in mobility and stability throughout the body. Once the assessment is complete, we prescribe comprehensive correctives. These prescriptions range from simple corrective movement and stretching during the prep phase of training to referring out to an orthopedic physician or PT, depending on the severity of limitations and/or pain. 


Correctives take priority and are the first order of business with our clients as the days' training begins. These may be done before or after a short whole body warm up, depending on what is prescribed. Prep is in two phases. 


Posture Prep - focuses on mobility and stability movements in the trunk and moves through the major joints.

Movement Prep - prepare the joints and muscles for that days training, in-cluding myofascial rolling, dynamic stretching, muscle activation, and joint range of motion. 


The days training is whatever is prescribed by the trainer for that day that fits in with the clients' progressions and goals. These sessions may include strength, power, agility, plyometrics, speed development, endurance, Pilates, and yoga. The trainers' focus during any movement or task is on form, concentration, and intensity. 


Post workout recovery is highly dependent upon the clients' needs, and will range from a short episode of static stretching to extended foam rolling, massage and muscle stimulation. 


Nutrition is paramount in any and all goals in training. Our programs are customized to the individual and their goals and must be revisited and assessed regularly. A comprehensive log should be kept at all times.